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Accurate Thermal Spray Pvt. Ltd. is a company providing different types of coating as per customer specification on their products for better corrosion, abrasion and wear resistance property. Using the latest technology and advancements in material our company can deliver wide range of coatings from 5 microns to 8000 microns (8mm) as per specific requirement of the customer on their parts.

Our Company mission is to engineer, develop and apply surface coating for the purpose of :

  1. Improving our customer’s productivity and profits by reducing or eliminating the damaging effects of wear, abrasion, corrosion and heat.
  2. Improving performance of parts in aggressive environments.
  3. Totally changing surface characteristics as per customer specification on like conductivity traction etc.
  4. Reclamation of worn-out parts to new or better than new condition. (Generally the reclaim parts will give better life than original parts because of improved surface modification).
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